About the Founding President and this Consulting Group

Formation of this Company became a reality because of Dr. Datta's students of MS Computer Science. He taught more than 1000 students who took computer science courses with him. Among these students, a significant number worked on his funded projects primarily involving Biomedical Informatics. In 2015, this academician turned into an entrepreneur and formed this consulting group with support of his past students and staff members besides new.

Besides R & D activities on Biomedical Informatics, this consulting group provides software products (see: Portfolio) and supporting services to the organizations primarily serving social- and healthcare.

MISSION: Appropriate information helps developing knowledge that helps taking smart decisions. Besides developing custom software, DCG’s mission is to provide relevant information on biomedical science that can help a user to take smart decision on his/her fitness level.

VISION: DCG’s vision is to be a significant partner in this field of biomedical informatics.

  • Expertise ranges from database development to data analytics for knowledge discovery (data mining)
  • Provides consultancy particularly on Biomedical Informatics (Health Informatics, Bioinformatics) for Precision Medicine
  • Generate R & D Report for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Companies as a valuable partner
  • Work closely with the customers to their satisfaction
  • Also provides Education and Training