Current Projects

Projects that are now in progress are interdisciplinary in nature:

  • Body Sensing System (Health-IT) - Sensors that can collect physiological data and surrounding environmental data are important for monitoring an individual health. Coupled with Bluetooth and mobile technologies, sensor-based medical devices have the potential to be used for diagnosing and remotely monitoring a patient health condition. In collaboration with others, my group is engaged in developing an echo system, termed Body Sensing System, which can be used for this purpose. Our mobile apps capture real-time streaming data from Bluetooth-enabled sensor-based medical devices that can then be sent to the Choice4Fitness, an individual fitness portal via Wifi or broadband. Collecting such data in the portal enables an individual to share the report with others if desired. This system has the potential to offer any individual improving the fitness level and reduce the healthcare cost, such as, in case of obesity. See my relevant publications here.

  • Childhood Obesity has remained a global health problem. In partnership with others, this author is engaged in developing software tools and technologies that can help in improving and controlling this condition (see this abstract). My group developed a portal, termed Childhood Obesity Informatics System or CHOIS (visit:, which was used by the State of Illinois for running its School Health Program.

  • Earlier, my group developed a system, termed Community Grid or C-Grid (see this publication) utilizing commodity grid technology for Community Health Research. Work is in progress for utilizing this system for health education. See this abstract.

  • Data Analysis for Precision Medicine. Check here for more elaboration.