Dr. Datta Research

My research interests presently spans over the interface of computer science and molecular biology, particularly in Biomedical Informatics for Precision Medicine.

Biomedical Data analysis/Data mining: The Human Genome project (see, History) has generated an unprecedented amount of data that can be exploited for better understanding of health & diseases at the molecular level. In addition, High-throughput Sequencing Technology now can provide precise sequence information of any Human Genome at very low cost that was not possible before (see here as an example). Analysis of such Big Data can be utilized for Precision Medicine (see here for this initiative by NIH). This author is involved in analyzing the data including Genomic data for developing a better treatment strategy, such as, for Cancer.

Health Information Technology (Health-IT): It has been realized that the application of AI-based information technology in healthcare can improve the services if not reduce the costs. In collaboration with others both nationally and internationally, this author is involved in developing tools and technologies that can improve the healthcare delivery and remote monitoring of patients (see: Body Sensing System). Also, involved in developing training materials from panel discussions (see, SC09 & PHIN11). See here for more.

Education Technology: In collaboration with Prof. Dey of NU, involved in research for understanding the 'learning' process (see, Personalized learning/Grand Challenges) and developing the software tools in addressing this issue. See: Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching, volume 1, p158-173, 2008 & Volume 2, p286 – 302, 2009)

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