Selected recent Publications

Over time, I was involved in research on various fields, starting from infectious diseases now to application of computer science in health science. Here are some papers (in chronological order) from over 100 peer-reviewed publications, chapters in two books, a patent (used for OPTR/NASDAQ) and a peer-reviewed online publication for NCBI. Recently, wrote an invited article for a book publisher.

The terminal glycan motif of Burkholderial pseudomallei Capsular polysaccharide is unique among the bacterial species. A bioinformatics approach (2021). Arun K. Datta. Proceedings of the Society for Glycobiology Meeting, November 7-10, 2021, San Diego (CA). Poster for Abstract# LB07

Glycobioinformatics in deciphering the Mammalian Glycocode: Recent Advances (2021). Arun K. Datta and Nitin Sukhija. In "Glycome: The Hidden Code in Biology" (D. Banerjee, ed.) Nova Science Publishers, article16 (pages 323 - 376). See the pre-print paper.

Grid Technology for Supporting Health Education and Measuring the Health Outcome (2018). Nitin Sukhija, Arun Datta, Sonny Sevin, John E. Coulter. ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-6446-1/18/07.; presented at the PEARC’18, July 22–26, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. See the paper.

C-Grid: Enabling iRODS-based Grid Technology for Community Health Research (2013). Nitin Sukhija, and Arun K. Datta. Information Technology in Bio- and Medical Informatics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (M. Bursa, S. Khuri, and M. E. Renda, Eds.), LNCS 8060, pp 17-31, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-642-40092-6); presented at ITBAM13 in Prague. See the abstract

mCHOIS: An Application of Mobile Technology for Childhood Obesity Surveillance. Arun K. Datta, Andi Sumargo, Victoria Jackson, Pradip P. Dey (2011). Procedia Computer Science, vol. 5, p 653 - 660, 2011 (Elsevier). Presented at The 8th International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems (MobiWIS), September 19-21, 2011, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. See the Paper

CHOIS: Enabling grid technologies for obesity surveillance and control. Arun K. Datta, Victoria Jackson, Radha Nandkumar, Jill Sproat, Weimo Zhu , Heidi Krahling. In ‘Healthgrid Applications and Core Technologies (Eds. , T. Solomonides, I. Blanquer, V. Breton, T. Glatard, and Y. Legre), vol 159, p191-202, IOS Press, Washington D.C. ISBN 978-1-60750-582-2; Presented at the HealthGrid 2010, Paris, June 28-30, 2010., also see at: See the abstract


The terminal glycan motif of Burkholderial pseudomallei Capsular polysaccharide is unique among the bacterial species. A bioinformatics approach. Annual Glycobiology Meeting, San Diego, November 7-10, 2021. See the Abstract, and the poster.

Glycomics Workbench, a grid technology-based workbench for Glycome Analysis (2020). Arun K Datta and Nitin Sukhija. Proceedings in the 13th annual NIH & FDA Glycoscience Research Day, Bethesda (Maryland), May 15, 2020. See the Abstract,#32 at, and the poster.

CI-supported Grid Technology for mHealth (2013). Arun K. Datta. In the session, Big Data: From Storage Solutions to Predictive Analytics, Monday, December 9 - 3:45 - 4:45 PM, mHealthSummit 2013, December 8-11, Washington, D.C. See details at:

Innovative Technology to Support Health Education. Arun K. Datta and Victoria Jackson (2013). 7th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference, June 18-20, 2013. See the poster

myCHOIS: Enabling Grid Technology for Supporting Health Education and Measuring its Impact. Arun K. Datta and Victoria Jackson. Individualizing Medicine Conference, 2013 (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN). See the abstract

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